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[Product Focus] The Isagenix 9-Day System

Every month, the Nutritional Cleanse team will be highlighting one of their favorite products or packs. This month… the 9 Day System.


What is the Isagenix 9 Day System?

The Isagenix 9-Day System is an ideal package if are seeking to prime your body for peak metabolic performance in order to initiate weight loss.

This powerful package contains a potent combination of carefully-developed products aimed toward facilitating a full-body cleanse and a boost to your metabolism.

Each 9-Day System includes the following products:

  • 1 x Canister (or Box of Sachets) of IsaLean Shake
  • 2 x Tubs of Cleanse for Life
  • 1 x Tub of Natural Accelerator
  • 1 x Tub of Isagenix snacks

Incorporating these products as dietary supplements and meal replacements will help to boost energy levels, accelerate weight loss, curb cravings, and ultimately get you closer to achieving your goals.


Who Can Use This Pack?

The 9-Day System is highly recommended for those who are new to Isagenix products, or those who desire to accelerate their efforts for a more dramatic physical transformation both inside and out. When you use the products in this package to detox and cleanse your system, your body responds more effectively to our nutritional shakes and snacks. You will help regulate your metabolism, fight off hunger pangs, and feel sustained levels of energy throughout the day.

When you invest in Isagenix products, you are selecting a brand that has been carefully formulated over years of research and scientific testing. We have an increasingly growing basis of new and returning customers who have confided in our brand to consistently deliver results.

Check out the detailed descriptions below of each product included within our 9-Day System. This package is specifically designed to help overhaul your diet, leading to healthier food and snacking choices as well as a boost in your metabolism. A simple investment in our 9-Day system may be just what you need to jumpstart your route to weight-loss success.


Cleanse for Life

Cleanse for LifeThe first product in our 9-day package is the Cleanse for Life solution. This product is an herbal drink developed to encourage a natural detox within the body.

The ingredients of Cleanse for Life accelerate your body’s natural capacity to eliminate wastes and toxins, helping your entire system operate more efficiently. This botanical mix helps stimulate enzymes within the body that will help to eliminate toxins from your cells and flush them from your body.

Cleanse for Life kicks your natural metabolic processes into gear, priming your body to work more efficiently throughout the day. Although this product can be consumed in conjunction with our IsaLean Shake mixes and snacks, many people choose to take Cleanse for Life before bed while the body naturally fasts, rests, and restores itself. This allows you to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and primed to use your metabolism more effectively.


IsaLean Shake

Our IsaLean Shake mixes are one of our most popular products, designed to act as a meal replacement or nutritional supplement to help you reach your weight loss goals. Our shake mixes come in a variety of tasty flavors, and we offer traditional whey protein in addition to plant-based options.

IsaLean Shake mixes are simple to prepare, and they taste great. You simply need to mix the shake with a little bit of water and enjoy! Our shake mixes are formulated to provide your body with everything it needs to keep you nourished with protein, essential vitamins, and effective natural ingredients to help you feel fuller longer, curb hunger and cravings between mealtimes, and sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

When combined with the other products in this package, the full nutritional benefits of the IsaLean Shake become more readily available to your body, helping you to achieve faster results. As a result, you will more rapidly lose weight and start feeling better.


Natural Accelerator

The Natural Accelerator is a supplement meant to work in conjunction with our Cleanse for Life product (in addition to IsaLean Shakes). Natural Accelerator helps your body boost its metabolism by increasing thermogenesis. Essentially, thermogenesis is your body’s capacity to generate heat. When your body generates heat, it is able to metabolize food more quickly. As a result, you will burn more calories, boost your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients, and get lean faster.

This potent combination of effective ingredients like green tea, cayenne pepper, and apple cider vinegar work together with the perfect balance of minerals to boost your metabolic rate. Furthermore, the ingredients within the Natural Accelerator help to regulate your blood glucose levels, allowing your metabolism to operate more efficiently, helping you to digest food properly and absorb essential nutrients.

This powerful product can be used on both Shake and Cleanse days and has helped many of our customers achieve rapid results.


Isagenix Snacks

Looking for something to help you curb your appetite between meals? Search no further than our tasty Isagenix Snacks. These bite-sized morsels contain undenatured whey and milk protein, and they are available in several delicious flavors, including Natural Chocolate, French Vanilla, and a dairy-free option in Natural Wild Berry.

These snacks are only 15 calories a piece, and they are far more nourishing than the empty calories that you’d otherwise consume by picking up a snack from a vending machine or a convenience store.

Our Isagenix snacks contain the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, and good fats to keep your metabolism operating at peak performance both between meals and while you’re on the go. Don’t be tempted to seek a different snacking option. These tasty treats are formulated to sustain your metabolism throughout the day and work optimally in conjunction with the other supplements in our 9-Day System.


e+ Energy Shot (Optional Add-On)

E+ Energy ShotsShifts in energy levels and brain fog can be one of the biggest factors inhibiting your dieting success. Fortunately, Isagenix has created a unique formula of plant-based caffeine in order to maintain your energy levels throughout the day without feeling a crash.

This product contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, or synthetic flavors. Furthermore, the e+ formula only contains 35 calories per serving. By incorporating Isagenix e+ into your diet, you will help keep your energy levels high in addition to keeping your mind alert.

E+ is especially helpful for those who lead an active lifestyle, or those who are starting to incorporate more exercise into their daily routines. E+ allows you to improve your athletic performance, helping you exercise with more stamina and endurance, and increasing your results.

When used in combination with our 9-Day System, you will be surprised by how great you will continue to feel! As you reap the additional benefits of our 9-Day System, e+ will assure that your mind stays sharp and your body feels fueled.


Are You Ready to Lose Weight and Look Fantastic?

In summary, our 9-Day System is a great stepping stone for learning firsthand how Isagenix products can help to make a significant difference in achieving your weight-loss goals.

By using the Isagenix 9-Day System to help your body cleanse, seek proper nourishment, boost metabolism, and accelerate your body’s ability to burn stubborn fat, you will quickly learn how easy it is to start feeling great and achieve results.

After completing the 9-Day System, many customers find that they have enjoyed Isagenix products so much that they choose to continue incorporating our product line into their daily routines.

While some customers simply choose to continue using one or two of the products from our 9-Day System, many are so pleased with their first experience with Isagenix that they sign up to try out our 30-Day System in order to keep seeing results and get them closer to their weight-loss goals.