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Isagenix Snack Bites


Cravings trying to get in the way of your goals? We’ve got your new secret weapon — Isagenix Snack Bites. These convenient, tasty, nutrient-dense snacks keep you satiated yet on track to your wellness goals. Best of all, they are Cleanse Day approved!

Containing wholesome oats and rich peanut butter, calming cravings in a healthy way has never been more enjoyable! Each pack contains:

  • Just 100 calories
  • A good source of high-quality protein
  • A good source of fiber
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors
  • Delcious peanut butter bliss flavor
  • DNF-10, a specialized peptide derived from baker’s yeast specifically included to help fight off cravings in a healthy way

Retail price: $30.00


30 day money back guarantee on your first order! Full details here.

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Say “see you later” to cravings with these delicious snack bites. These healthy, nutrient-packed snacks are convenient, delicious, and a perfect addition to Shake Days, Cleanse Days, or any dietary plan.

What Makes Snack Bites So Snackalicious?

With wholesome oats, peanut butter, and monk fruit for natural sweetness, these bites will quickly become your go-to snack.

The Power of Protein

5 grams of protein from fava beans and delicious peanut butter help fight off cravings and keep you satiated.

Amp Up Your Craving Fighting Power With DNF-10

Formulated with DNF-10, a specialized protein sourced from baker’s yeast, these snack bites are ready to help you crush your cravings in a healthy way.


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