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Isagenix AMPED Repair


Looking to aid your body’s recovery process after a hard-gym session? AMPED™ Repair is a post-workout supplement specifically designed to help support the body during the recovery process to help reduce muscle soreness and promote muscle recovery. Each Informed-Sport certified serving boasts:

  • High-potency tart cherry, turmeric, astaxanthin, and specialized collagen peptides
  • A delicious ruit punch flavor
  • Mixes easily in water
  • Made with natural ingredients and free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners
  • Just 35 calories, 7 g carbs, and 5 g sugar

Retail price: $35.00


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AMPED™ Repair helps keep you recover from intense workouts so you are ready to go for your next training session. It is scientifically designed to help you make the most of the crucial time after a workout. With clean, natural ingredients aimed at promoting muscle repair and recovery, AMPED can help you take your results to the next level.

What’s Inside AMPED™ Repair?

AMPED Repair is bursting with potent phytonutrients and functional ingredients including:

  • Tart Cherry – Helps aid in muscle recovery and reduce strength loss during exercise*
  • Astaxanthin – A potent antioxidant that can help improve exercise performance, recovery, and stamina
  • Turmeric – Contains powerful curcumin to provide a host of benefits, including helping to reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness*
  • Collagen – A building block of cartilage to help joint soreness related to activity*

Informed-Sport Certified

Athletes and competitors can feel confident in AMPED Repair’s quality-tested, Informed Sports Certiied formula.


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