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Isagenix FiberPro™

Isagenix FiberPro

Bump up your fiber intake and improve your nutritional cleansing experience the easy way with Fiber Pro, a revolutionary supplement from Isagenix. Flavorless, easily dissolvable, and convenient, it makes an ideal complement to your weight loss, weight management, or health and wellness routine.

Benefits of FiberPro include:

  • Easy to mix and quick to dissolve — you can dissolve it in any liquid and even cook with it!
  • Flavorless and versitile
  • Helps support regularity
  • Promotes healthy digestion

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Evidence surrounding the importance of adequate fiber intake is growing. FiberPro makes it easy to meet your daily fiber requirements to ensure your best chance at optimal digestion and health.

Support Regularity

With 5 grams of easily dissolvable fiber per serving, along with gut-friendly probiotics, this high-quality supplement is an ideal way to amp up your health and wellness routine and fill the gap between the amount of fiber you are currently consuming and what you should be getting.

Unique Formula

With a proprietary blend of prebiotics, five plant fibers, probiotics, Ionic Alfalfa and citrus bioflavonoids, this formula boasts more than just fiber. Trace minerals in the formula provide support for the body’s crucial functions.

Gut Cleansing

The insoluble fiber in FiberPro helps FiberPro helps naturally cleanse the digestive tract to support digestive function and balance.


To incorporate FiberPro into your Isagenix routine, simply consume one to two servings per day. One scoop can be added to juice, yogurt, water, IsaLeanShakes, Cleanse for Life, or any beverage of your choice. If you are feeling creative, you can even cook and bake with it!

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