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Isagenix e+ Energy Shots

Isagenix e+ Energy Shot - Apple Pomegranate Flavor

Stay alert, boost your energy, and support an active lifestyle — all without the jittery, unnatural buzz other energy shots offer. With Isagenix e+ shots, naturally-sourced caffeine provides a sustainable, nutrient-loaded boost of energy.

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A special blend of caffeine — naturally sourced from yerba maté and green tea — and energy-boosting adaptogenic botanicals provide a healthy, safe, natural way to stay stimulated, energetic, and alert.

Benefits of e+ Energy Shots include:

  • Natural energy boost without the jittery effect of other energy shots
  • Enhance your athletic training efforts without side effects
  • Enjoy a healthy, natural source of fuel
  • Only 35 calories per serving
  • Naturally sourced caffeine, about 85mg per serving (comparable to the amount in a cup of coffee)
  • Available in three mouthwatering flavors: refreshing apple pomegranate, raspberry, and lemon lime

Everything You Need Minus the Additives You Don’t

Packed with naturally-sourced caffeine and powerful nutrients, Isagenix e+ energy shots amp up your day using healthy ingredients. Rather than relying on artificial colors, excessive sweeteners, too much caffeine (and artificial caffeine at that), and artificial flavors like so many traditional energy drinks, e+ features natural caffeine and botanicals in a safe, healthy, natural formula.

By focusing on natural ingredients and the appropriate amount of caffeine, e+ shots can help you steer clear of the inevitable crash that other energy shots lead to.

Convenient Energy

Whether it is a meal replacement shake, energy shot, or healthy snack, you are more likely to use it if it is convenient. Isagenix knows this and strives to make each supplement as convenient as possible. E+ shots are no exception.

Packaged in 2-ounce bottles, e+ shots are ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you are prepping for a demanding day at work or training for an athletic event, e+ shots can help you fight fatigue and perform at your best.

Boost Stamina and Endurance Naturally

Research has found that the proprietary mix of botanicals found in e+ may have a positive effect on energy and endurance. These substances work by boosting cardiovascular function, allowing you to work out harder for longer.

The powerful formula also includes adaptogenic ingredients such as Rhodiola, eleuthero root, Schisandra berry, and leuzea root. Studied for years for their effects on athletes, adaptogens have been shown to support physical performance, energy levels, focus, and cardiovascular function.

Burn More Fat

The natural caffeine in e+shots may even help boost your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more fat and help you reach your weight loss goals or maintain your current weight.


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