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Isagenix AMPED NOx

Isagenix AMPED NOx Dietary Supplement - Garden Blend Pre-Workout Performance Booster

Get pumped up before your workout and take your training to the next level with AMPED NOx, a formula designed to support nitric oxide production. With increased oxygen and blood flow to your cells, your muscles can function more efficiently and fight off fatigue.

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An innovative formula, designed to support your body’s natural production of nitric oxide, help fuel you through tough workouts, and fight through fatigue.

Nitric Oxide Production

A carefully crafted blend of vegetable and fruit extracts such as celery and red spinach help support nitric oxide production, which in turn helps increase oxygen and blood flow to cells. This can translate to increased stamina and better workouts.

Healthy Blood Flow Support

During exercise, a constant exchange of nutrients and oxygen occurs, with blood carrying away waste products. Vegetable-sourced nitrates support healthy blood flow to and from your muscles to deliver a natural performance boost.

Pre-Workout Power

Studies suggest that nitrate-rich vegetable extracts may be capable of supporting blood flow and nitric oxide production for up to 24 hours, with peak production occurring within two to three hours of ingestion. Although AMPED NOx makes an ideal pre-workout supplement, it can also be taken any time of the day or night to help support optimal performance.

AMPED™ NOx is available in Garden Blend Flavor in 12 x 2 oz bottles

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