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Essence by Isagenix – Lavender Essential Oil

Isagenix Lavender Oil

Trouble relaxing before bedtime? Look no further than Isagenix’s lavender essential oil! Although it boasts a multitude of benefits, promoting a restful night of sleep is lavender’s star quality.

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Popular, versatile, and featuring a lovely, light floral scent, lavender makes an ideal solution for promoting restful sleep, helping to soothe muscle tightness, and helping to relieve skin irritations.

When ingested, lavender oil may even help soothe agitated nerves. When diffused, lavender leaves a delightful, slightly floral scent in the room. Consider adding lavender oil to your bedtime routine for a soothing, calming experience.

Application Methods: 

  • Topical – Dilute one drop of lavender oil along with 10 or 12 drops of Isagenix’s Coconut Application Oil. Apply directly to skin as needed.
  • Internal – Add one drop of lavender oil to 4 ounces of liquid.
  • Aromatic – 8 to 10 drops of oil in your diffuser will fill the room with lavender’s calming, enjoyable scent.


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