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Celletoi™ Moisture Balancing Cleanser

Isagenix Celletoi Moisture Cleanser

Stop stripping your skin with typical cleaners and switch to the effective yet gentle cleansing power of Celletoi’s Moisture Balancing Cleanser. Along with clearing the skin of debris, this cleanser offers the added moisturizing and nourishing benefits of ceramides, plant stem cells, botanicals, and antioxidants. Its light, foamy texture thoroughly cleanses without robbing the skin of much needed moisture.

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Cleansers are only on the skin for a short amount of time, but a harsh formula can strip away moisture and harm the skin’s barrier, leaving it dehydrated, irritated, and prone to damage. Support a healthy skin barrier as you cleanse with this hydrating, gentle formula featuring an impressive lineup of beneficial ingredients. What’s Inside:

Nourishment and Cleansing in One

Supply your skin with moisture and replenishing molecules as you cleanse with Ceraposome technology. Featuring Sea Fennel and Sea Holly — Coastal Plant Stem Cells — and encapsulated ceramides, this formula soothes the skin with plant extracts and moisture as it effectively clears away dirt and debris.

Support Against Environmental Stressors

Celletoi™ Botanical Blend features a powerful blend of antioxidants, botanicals, and extracts designed to fortify the skin against toxins, pollutants, and every day environmental stressors.

Gentle Cleansing Power

Quillaja Tree Bark Extract helps gently yet effectively cleanse the skin while delivering added moisture and nourishment.

Gentle Exfoliation

Help clear away debris and build up to reveal brighter, radiant skin with the exfoliating power of Citric Acid Extract, a natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid.



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