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Isagenix IsaKids Essentials

Isagenix IsaKids Essentials

With 100 percent of the daily recommended amounts of 15 essential vitamins, IsaKids Essentials helps promote the development of bones, teeth, and cartilage along with a healthy metabolism.

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Active, growing kids need a variety of vitamins and minerals every day to support their overall health and maintain normal growth. However, we all know how tricky it can be to ensure that our kids’ diets are balanced and healthy. IsaKids Essentials are the perfect complement to help fill in any gaps in your child’s nutrition.

Natural Ingredients

IsaKids Essentials contains a natural base of vegetables and fruits to provide children with the nutrients they need to combat stress, keep up their immune system, and maintain energy.

Comprehensive Formula

IsaKids Essentials contains 100 percent of the recommended daily serving of 15 minerals and vitamins in just a single, convenient tablet. Key players include 5,000 IU of Vitamin A and 80 mg of Vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system and Vitamin D to support healthy teeth, bones, and cartilage.

Superior Nourishment

IsaKids Essentials natural base of vegetables and fruits provides whole food nourishment for growing bodies and minds and antioxidants to help fight free radicals.

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